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If you and I were to sit and chat over a bowl of melted cookie-dough ice-cream (yes melted as in microwaved…I am weird!)…I am sure we could fill the air with story after story about our days with tween daughters! I’d want to exchange notes and thoughts on everything from the emotional breakdowns, to physical development and sleepover boundaries!

I am sure we have so much in common. We are raising girls. But really we are doing much more than that. We are watching God’s work unfold right in front of our eyes.

Our daughters—our baby girls are growing up and that puts us in a tricky position. On one hand we want our girls to know that we understand and care about their changing interest and developing passions. On the other hand, we need to instill timeless truths and Christ driven values that will last a lifetime.

So how do we balance this?

1. We seek wisdom!

2. We spend time with God.

3. We spend time with them!

Let’s do it together.

Sign up below for a free 5 Day Devotional series for you and your daughter!

This 5 Day challenge includes:

For You – a brief overview of the topic and how you can help guide and apply it for you and your daughters (s)

For Her – a daily devotional on the following topics:


Have you over feel unwanted or not enough?

“Trusted with Words”

Have you been hurt by words or used words to hurt others?

“Guard Your Heart”

Are you a wise “God” girl in how you navigate friendships?

“Getting to Know Him”

Do you know how to have a true relationship with God?

“How Do You Taste?”

What are “Fruits of the Spirit” and how can you reflect them in your life?

Time Together – Three discussion questions for you and your daughter

Prayer – a brief prayer for you and your daughter

Bonus – Bonus material designed to give you ideas on how to apply the devotional material in daily life

So, will you join me in committing to spend 5 days studying God’s Word and seeking His guidance for and with our girls? To get started right away, please enter your information below!


*please note this is a different list than our normal newsletter! If you would like to join this time together specifically, please sign up using the form above.


For additional encouragement for her be sure to purchase a copy of the For Girls Like You Devotional here!

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