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March/April 2020

Experience the Magazine

FOR GIRLS LIKE YOU is a Christ-centered, fun-filled, edu-tainment-style magazine created just for girls like your tween!

FOR GIRLS LIKE YOU will help you grow, teach, entertain and inspire your daughter to be GOD’S GIRL first! With fun activities, interactive pages, features on God’s Girls around the world and right next door, articles about people they know and love, inspiring stories on what God is doing in the world, and a whole lot more—every issue shows GIRLS LIKE YOU how to live as GOD’S GIRL.

Inspiring Interviews

Each issue is fun, colorful and features contributions and interviews from familiar faces as well as everyday girls that are choosing to live and shine for Christ!

Real Girls

Girls just like your tween share their ideas, dreams and stories throughout our pages. Creativity is on full display with photos of their paintings, poems, songs, short stories and more! Every reader has an opportunity to contribute!


Have fun with puzzles, games and crafts that will spark the creative bug in your girl and jokes and funnies that will keep her laughing!

Girl Guidance

As she takes in each page, your girl will hear from our magazine’s regular contributors. They’ll grow through devotionals from our founder, Wynter, be encouraged with advice from Sissy Goff, gain inspiration from True Girls’ Dannah Gresh and enjoy fun stories with the Camps (Adie, Arie and Bella)!

Themed Issues

Each issue has a special theme from sports, fashion, baking, traveling around the world and much more! Each theme will be sure to spark the attention and stretch the imagination of your girl.

What Parents Are Saying

“We started reading For Girls Like You Magazine together. My little girl loves it! And as a mom, I feel like a resource like this helps me tell her some of the things I want her to know.”
Kristen Welch
We Are That Family
“If you’ve wondered if there is anything exciting, engaging and interesting left to entertain your young beauties while at the same time being pure, clean and pointing them in a direction you’d approve of then may I introduce you to one of my favorite finds of the season.”
Priscilla Shirer
Author and Speaker
“I get asked all the time if I know of a Christian magazine for tween girls, and now I can refer mothers to Wynter’s For Girls Like You magazine!”
Vicki Courtney
Author and Speaker

Get FOR GIRLS LIKE YOU for your girl!

Give your tween girl a “break-from-technology” with a magazine where they can read about things they love with positive words and imagery, and safe, wholesome messaging throughout!